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Hello, i am curious as to the power supply voltages used for elevators in the U.K and Austrailla i know in the U.S it is normally 208/3/60 or 480/3/60 as i believe in the U.K. the normal lighting voltage is 220 v Thanks

-- dt (, July 08, 2004


The supply voltage in Australia is 415v 3phase, 240v single phase, both 50Hz. Although I have heard we are going to change to 400/230v , but that was only a rumour.

-- JW (, July 11, 2004.

a rumour??? it already varys between 380-420.......why change now???....god knows what it would do to reliability if it did drop lower.......we have enough probs now......(yes I know it was a joke)

-- dayle (, July 12, 2004.

u.k same as australia 3 phase 415, single 240 50 unusual america different to every where else....

-- paul lacey (, July 15, 2004.

3 ph 415 Vac and 1ph 220-240 Vac both 50Hz Safety circuits in general area transformed from this down to 110V ac.

Central europe want Uk to drop 1ph down to 200Vac and 3Ph 400Vac, Although as u know drop volts and increase current so most uk wiring probably wont take the load, hope this is of use

-- Andy (, July 18, 2004.

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