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Does anyone have:

A. OEM forkseals in stock? B. Put back for spares and willing to sell? C. an alternate seal source and part numbers?

...waiting for backorder:(


-- Scot Hennon (, July 08, 2004


Scot, I'm not positive but I think I remember reading that someone matched em up with seals from a dirt bike? Since the tube diameters are larger on most dirt bikes and all other road bikes are too small it may be worth a try? May want to start checking Husky's first?

Best of Luck,


-- Todd G. Mazzola (, July 08, 2004.


You're on the right track with the dirtbikes (pun intended) but I think it may have been a Honda. Showa forks being the common link here.

-- James (, July 08, 2004.

Good point James, guess I was thinking Cagiva, mfg of the bike, instead of Showa, mfg of the forks, depending on year. Haven't had mine out yet so I'm not sure of the true source/mfg of the seal itself.


-- Todd G. Mazzola (, July 08, 2004.

Hi Scot,

Honda MX, 97 up should fit.

Problem is, you have to enter a HONDA!!!! - Dealership to get them!!

Red greeetings


-- Werner Bernreuther (, July 19, 2004.

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