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Hi All, I picked up a beautiful black Brutale about 2 weeks ago. Incredible bike - I've already got 700 miles on it. However...I am only getting 20 mpg or less! And its not like I'm wringing it out constantly - my worst mileage is mostly from my 15 minute commute via city streets. Is this normal? I've heard the Brutale gets bad mileage, and was ready to accept the reported 29mpg, but this is ridiculous. Could something need adjusting? I'll be taking it into the dealer next week for its first check-up - any suggestions would be appreciated.

Regards, Josh

-- Joshua Siler (, July 07, 2004


Not sure how valuable my experience is, but I had a black Brutale for about 2 months now and I am doing about ~120 miles per tank (which is close to the 29mpg). Less than 20mpg sounds a little scary. I would probably have it checked.

-- Eric Kaczmarek (, July 07, 2004.

From my experience with F4's I would suggest taking a look under your tank with the engine running. The fuel lines are preasurised and if the QD fittings rubber seals are damaged, even very slightly, you can get a fuel leek when the pump starts up. A steady driop from under the tank would reduce you milage considerably.

-- Mark M (, July 08, 2004.

I'm afraid the Brutales suck petrol like you wouldn't believe. Every one I know that has one is complaining about the same problem. I had an 01 model F4 and could do 18k/L but the Brutale is just under 10K/L which is just mad.

I know some people have changed the gearing (to drop the revs in top) and fitted a power commander to help.

-- Matthew Thompson (, July 08, 2004.

yeah! and if Kylie was your partner, would you care if she drank a bottle of chardonnay every hour? If my brutale used 1L/hr standing I still I wouldn't care!!

-- alfons van maanen (, July 09, 2004.

I was only getting about 80-90 miles before the fuel light came on when the my bike was new. Now I am getting much better than that on a consistent basis. The bike has about 2k miles now. As the one fellow said, I wouldn't care if it used gas standing still!!

-- ray woo (, July 10, 2004.

Milage will get better as the bike is run in. But as the others have said I couldn't care less about the mileage. This bike is not only the best bike I've owned out of over 30 bikes, it is the Best thing I've ever owned.

-- brad smith (, July 11, 2004.

Not sure of the mpg, but on mine the tank was empty 35km after the fuel warning light came on.....

I've just got 500km on mine now and it is a very thirsty beast so far, hopefully things will improve slightly as I run it in.

Cheers Rich

-- Richard Sawkins (, July 15, 2004.

Yes i know we all love the Brut but it isn't much fun to run out of petrol constantly as i du. I borrowed 3 liters of petrol from a passing honda end it run out again before i found a petrol station i only dun 20 k, it is absolutely frightening. can you imagine turing anywhere remote with it? ciao gianni

-- Gianni (, July 18, 2004.


So you got to ride it at last. Are you coming to the Club track day in August?

-- Mark M (, July 19, 2004.

hi Mark, how are you? i will be coming at the track day. i will be riding the bike as i du not have a trailer. let me know if you are thinking of riding to, i am planing to go on Sunday p.m.. ciao gianni

-- Gianni Guaglianone (, July 20, 2004.

Take out the CAT and install a head pipe. It improves about 3 MPG and has better sound & perf.

-- Angelo Pirri (, December 06, 2004.

I can't second that last response. I installed a CAT bypass pipe about a month ago and, although it sounds really nice, my gas mileage is still piss poor.....22 mpg. I'm hoping the Power Commander I had installed this weekend will be the answer.

-- Tom Solimine (, December 12, 2004.

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