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I am looking for Dover PDQ reglator boards. SST5 P and any other series of the SST regulator boards.

-- Rob Wagner (, July 05, 2004


Hi Rob, no one has answered you in a while so I am sure you called all around. I looked in a old Dover parts catalog and found two SS5T regulator boards one plug in and the other wire up. There doesnt seem to be alot of components and the ones in the pics have ic sockets. Send the boards out or if your up to it try and fix them yourself or your top tech. The IC have sockets so there easy to change and the relays can be checked out with a meter and a small magnet. While you are doing that contact TK parts Xvertx or your local TK office and get a quote. I am sure they need your Jap boards more than you need that stuff from Horn Lake. I went to Fujitec factory in Osaka once but never made it to OHIO plant. I have a question for you why did Fujitec mount the gearless machines upside down on the ceiling on some jobs. Thats a great co that started right after 1948 by Shtaro U and is he still alive. I allways like the EYENIC,ALARMIC,VONIC,DOANIC,LANDIC,WAVIC-P is that stuff still working. Jim

-- Jim (ELEVATOR555@HOTMAIL.COM), July 13, 2004.


Do you have a part number?

-- Dan (, October 25, 2004.

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