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We have just unpacked a Cory vacuum coffee maker that is aluminum with a glass filter rod. It appears from searching e-bay, etc., that perhaps it should have a lid. Is this true? The only products we've seen on-line are glass.

Any idea of date made and/or value? It belonged to my in-laws, was used sometime during the 1950's. Any tips on using it for brewing a fresh pot of coffee?


-- John McCasland (, July 04, 2004


If you have both the bowls your vacpot should draw heated water from the bottom bowl through the siphon tube on the upper bowl where the glass rod is inserted, mix and steep with the coffee placed in the upper bowl and when the bottom bowl cools the pressure differential will allow filtered coffee to migrate back into lower bowl. You do not say if it is electric or a range model. If it is automatic fill the bottom bowl and let it go. If it is a range model watch it like a hawk. Do not let all the water boil away in the bottom bowl. The glass Cory that I use likes a medium fine grind of coffee about half the amount used per cup in a new drip machine. If you use too fine a grind the Cory vacpots will "stall" and not drain back into lower bowl leaving a big mess, because you have to pull the rod to drain the upper bowl. Then run the whole thing through a drip filter to remove grounds. I just bought two 1950's Sunbeam Automatic Vacpots on ebay at 30 bucks per. I have not got them to try out as of today

-- Dan Eaton (, January 29, 2005.

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