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Hello, I'm not an elevator pro, but I lurk around this and the EW discussion boards as elevators are a big hobby/interest of mine. I visited an apartment with a 7 stop (!) hydro. The inscription on the operating pannel says Amtech Reliable, but everything else about the elevator screams US Elevator (i.e. the big round US buttons). Did Amtech just install US equipment, or did they make their own valves and controls. Is it the same company as Amtech elevator service? Thanks in advance for you time. My e-mail is legit, so feel free to contact me that way if you like.


-- Christopher (, July 03, 2004


Actually, AMTECH made or had made most of the components in the elevators they sold. Because the people who formed the company as Reliable Elevator were former US Elevator employees, the designs are very similar. Several years before AMTECH was purchased by a division of OTIS, they discontinued making elevators and concentrated exclusively on service, repair and modernization.

-- John Brannon (, July 04, 2004.

Thanks for the responses; I learn something new here all the time!

-- Christopher (, July 04, 2004.

ABM that owned Amtech bought Dick S Reliable Elevator Co around 1986 and they changed there name to Amtech Reliable hdg was in Whitier Ca owned by ABM. The mfg plant was in Rosarita Mexico that Reliable started and they had midtex midtex control with a optical selector stick untill about 1990 then they came out with the Omega Koyo 305 Plc controler that was programed by a russian mexican. They were selling complete packages to anyone who could pay. They were shipped in plywood boxes with little windows cut out so they could cross the boarder so customes could look inside complete elev in boxes. They used DOM tubing for jacks $20 per foot not pipe, best jacks in industry. They later switched to Motion controls, cheaper and better. They were built very well and had a nice custom cab shop. IF YOU HAVE AN OMEGA YOU BETTER COPY SOFTWARE BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUPPORT, contact me if need help. Then later they were sold to Mitsubishi that still owns them. I visited the factory in 1990 and they paid the employees cash every week and fed them daily, free showers and had a problem keeping employees due to when they were paid they would run accross the boarder to US and not come back. The whole shop was set up that you did not need to measure anything and was set up with colored jigs and templates. The factory site was originally US elevator and they pulled out due to mexico peso trouble and finally US moved to Mexically that I visited also where they made Assecion 1000 -2000 and they grey US 1230 power units. They allways had Americans running the plant and they lived there.

-- Jim (, July 04, 2004.

ANYTHING that looks...smells or tastes like US Elevator, keep WELL away from....I reckon Thyssen must regret the decision to buy them....thats the experience here in Australia with the crap we've taken on

-- dayle (, July 06, 2004.

Hi Will, did TK change the software so the 2000 wont fault out after so many relevels. The software I was refering to was on the Amtech Omega 1000 hydros made in mexico with a Koyo 305 PLC. Thanks Jim

-- Jim (ELEVATOR555@HOTMAIL.COM), July 07, 2004.

Christopher, possibly amtech did an overlay on this or had new plates made with their name on it.In chicago amtech was notoriuos to just replace faceplates to i.d it as theirs. If you have a U.S conroller and buttons i can probably help. I can get you many of the parts and boards as well as the original service tool for u.s equip. if you need buttons take a dig. pic and e-mail me and i probaly have them in stock.

-- tom przybyla (, July 19, 2004.

If I can help answer any questions please feel free to email.

David A. Hatfield Technical Support Amtech Elevator Services San Diego, Ca.

-- David A. Hatfield (, November 10, 2004.

Dear Christopher, My name is Miguel Gomez, you can here lots of histories from people that think know all about Amtech. A Mexican company named "use elevadores, S.A. de C.V." born in 1982, located in Rosarito Baja California Mexico, with some ex-workers of US elevator, by June 1986 change the name to "Internacional de Elevadores, S.A. de C.V." know as "IDESA". About 1989 Reliable Elevator Co., (then Amtech Elevator then Amtech Elevator Services), main buyer of IDESA products, buy the 100% of the factory, by 1996 was sell to AMLIFT and by 2001 to Mitsubishi. Like you know, people no like to change, the US Elevators ex- workers want to keep the look like of the entire elevators. About the hydro controllers, the early units was base on relays, by 1987 Mr. Rory Smith create a electronics department at factory, starting with the follow of the Mr. Andy Newmanís (RIP) project Omega 1000, the idea is to make a controller with the relay logic of the original controller using a PLC 305 unit, (original GE series ONE, then Texas Instruments then Siemens and the last days of production, 1998, with PLCdirect today Automationdirect, but always made by Koyo).

About IF YOU HAVE AN OMEGA YOU BETTER COPY SOFTWARE BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUPPORT, write by JIM, no panic I write 90% of all the programs and I can give support to any one that ask for software and hardware.

I work for IDESA full time from 1985 to 1988, from 1993 to 1996, from 1996 till today keep do some for. 1988 to 1993 with Abel Elevator, and from 2000 with EV Elevator.


-- Miguel Gomez (, January 26, 2005.

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