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Hey everyone, in case you didn't know, Sport Rider magazine has done a review of the 1000 at Pirelli's test track in Italy. They didn't publish any numbers but overall gave it a pretty good review. It seemed to me though that they didn't put a whole lot of effort into development of the new power plant. It uses the same cams and valves as the 750. The head has the same porting as the SPR, so basically it's an SPR head. Some of the coolest improvements are the EBS slipper clutch that has seemed to receive rave reviews. Also of course is the special Tamburini variable length velocity stacks. There is talk of a race kit for the bike in 2005. Goggi brags "200 usable horsepower or more is no problem for this engine." Which begs the question, will the MV 1000 be crowned 2005 superbike of the year? Will the japs finally lose their stronghold in the sportbike world? Time will tell....

-- Brian Ogle (, July 03, 2004


I'd like to see it campaigned in MotoGP, SBK, and IOM TT.

-- mod (, July 07, 2004.

Lets hope, an Italian bike that that can give it to the Japanese. I want the 1000 motor in the Brutale, totaly over the top and a sure cult bike in the making. 200hp bring it on!!

-- Brad Smith (, July 04, 2004.

Can a $10-11,000 knockoff be compared to a 20-25K masterpiece?

-- Ray (, July 06, 2004.

Absolutely!!! When the F4 750 came out the magazines painfully pointed out that it lacked the horsepower that the then new GSXR750 had.

-- Brian Ogle (, July 07, 2004.

And I won't call the Japanese bikes knock offs. They have their own advantages and disadvantages just as the F4S and F41000S have theirs.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Az) (, July 07, 2004.

I don't really think it will be raced. In MotoGP it would not be legal, and I doubt finances will permit a factory-backed superbike team. If a private team were to have the funding, however, maybe WSBK or one of the european national series and MV could help develop the engine with the team. Small teams may still have a chance to be competitive in WSBK, look at Ten Kate.

The bike looks great in the article except for the upturned lip on the windscreen, IMO.

-- Steve Burns (, July 07, 2004.

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