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I want to marry my fiancee who entered the country illegally from Mexico; we were planning on going to Mexico and getting married, but I am worried that he will not be able to cross the border again, because he was deported the first time he entered. He has been living and working in the United States with his real name for over 2 years. If we got married in Mexico could he return to the United States again?

-- Rebecca Gorton (, July 01, 2004


He has serious problems, maybe very serious problems. He would need a waiver (immigration pardon) to return based on his recent unlawful presence. If he was deported in the past his problems are more sever. At a minimum, he would need another waiver. You unquestionably need to talk to an experienced lawyer before traveling abroad or filing any kind of application. Audrey Carr, 612 630-2244, is a competent immigration/removal lawyer in Minnesota.

-- Michael Boyle (, July 01, 2004.

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