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I was wondering what other e men had availble to them for surplus electronic, computer,test equipment swap meets or flea markets. The local electronic store have all gone out of bussiness and all we have is Radio Shack and some electronics shops in the suburbs but there is electronic swaps once a month that have misc stuff A to Z ,do you have those in your area of the world and what are they like. Thanks Jim

-- Jim (, July 01, 2004


Jim, If your interested we still have a local electronics store here in Sarasota Florida. The kinda store you were talking about the owner is willing to trade, talk shop, go the extra mile for the customer, I believe he has another store he's affiliated with in Ft. Myers too. If you interested I could get you info. I can't tell ya how many elevator tech.s, electricians and phone guys etc.... I've heard say it's a shame there aren't stores like this where they live.

-- Clark (, July 01, 2004.

Almost all of them have closed here but there is one left. Electronic Supply Co. (

-- Rich (, July 09, 2004.

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