Where can I buy a workshop manual F4

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Any of you guys help me locate a workshop manual for a F4 in the U.K. Thanks Malcolm.

-- Malcolm Jones (malcolm@prestigeinjection.fsnet.co.uk), June 29, 2004


They can be downloaded off the web - email me offline and I'll dig up the URL

-- Bill (wbmac@yahoo.com), June 29, 2004.

Hey Bill,

Can you sent me the link as well. My computer crapped out and lost my copy. Ride, antytime soon?

-- Scott (a56healey@yahoo.com), June 29, 2004.

Yo! I think they are in the website at www.mvagusta.com and you can download it for free....

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), June 30, 2004.

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