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I am almost ready to purchase a 1978 Ranger for $900. But I have a few Questions:

1. This unit has a lined walls and ceilings. Some of the liner has minor water damage and I'd like to know if the replacement liner panels are available ? My Daughter and son both have Apaches, and neither have these lined walls.

2. The PO has replaced the axle with a new one, without brakes. Can they be added ?

3. Can I get a replacement front bezel, and rear spare tire cover ? Front has A/C unit installed in it, which I may want to change. The spare cover is missing.

4. Load range C tires are on it, (but it does come with 4 of them !)are these heavy enough ?

5. How does the price sound ? Generally good condition - new gear boxes.


Dave W

-- Dave W (, June 27, 2004

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