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I have a job that has the old 1970s type IEE projector type PI that has a pices of negative type film inside the unit that has a number of optic lenses that when you lite up one of many 1815 lamps you get a numeral on the projector lense. I need a letter E to fit in one of the spare lense positions. I call IEE and they were no help,Have you every had to make a special letter and how did you do it. I know about upgrading the units to CE stuff but would like help with the IEE units. The negative size is about 1/4 in size and the numeral shape is clear and the background of the numeral is dark. THANKS FOR YOU HELP

-- Jim (, June 27, 2004


I called Randy and he did not have any but thanks for the tip, still looking for the letter E THANKS JIM

-- Jim (, June 28, 2004.

I've used a high-resolution inkjet print on transparency (overhead projector) film to make replacements for that type of display. The real problem is getting the printer to make a good, clear print and not bleed ink all over the place. It may be easier with a laser printer, but I've never tried this.

The only thing I don't know is what the life of such a replacement might be. That is, what is the heat of the lamp going to do to the film - darken it, dry it out and crack it, fade the ink, etc. There are a number of LED solutions now, and some that resemble incandescent bulbs in light output. Not very powerful light, but it may be enough to project the letter onto the front screen. Transparancy made for laser printer or photocopier would probably be a better choice, as it is made to run across a high-temp drum and would resist the heat better.

Barring those solutions, check eBay and surplus electronics part houses. Some that come to mind are Mendelson's in Dayton, Ohio and Fair Radio Sales in Lima, Ohio. Both have piles of stuff, so it's probably impractical to try and get such an item over the phone.

-- Bryan (, June 29, 2004.

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