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After the South Wind ceased to be a through Chicago train in late 1969 (thanks to Penn Central), SCL added a cafe-lounge at Dothan AL to the consist. Did this car operate northbound out of Dothan or southbound to Florida? Was it normally one of the two ex-ACL heavyweights GOLDSBORO and AUGUSTA, or was it more likey a lightweight 'diner-lounge'? Thanks.

-- Bob Venditti (, June 26, 2004


The December 12, 1969 SCL timetable shows the car operating Dothan to Miami. By this time, the "AUGUSTA" was the only heavyweight cafe- lounge car still operating and its usual assignment was on the "Palmland" between Richmond and Hamlet. The two ex SAL coach- grill cars were assigned to the Jacksonville-St. Petersburg sections of the City of Miami and South Wind. While the "Gulf Wind" also showed a "Grill Car", this was most likely the ex FEC "South Bay" or SAL 6620.

The most likely cars used in the "South Wind" service were the lightweight diners-several tables were used for meal service, while others were used for drinks, etc.

-- Michael Savchak (, June 29, 2004.

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