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I was deported last october in 2003. Me and my wife we were notified that we will have to wait ten years to come back to USA. Is there any chance for us by getting a friend of ours as an sponsor and get a job with him in USA. We also have a 13 y old and another 18 y.o. The 13 years old was deported with us but she hasnt sign up any papers, they said kids were not affected by deportation.The other one, the 18 years old one, was not in the US. So now we have friend who runs a company and he is willing to sponsor me and my wife. Would that be posible for us to accelerate the time would itbe posible for us todo not wait ten years if we get lawyers?? And a month ago our baby was born with an eye desease and my country may not have the right technology to treat him here, would that be a way tto get this forgiveness faster??????? Thank you for answer me.

-- vickor (, June 26, 2004


A work application will not allow you to return early after deportation. To get a waiver (pardon) for past unlawful presence you need to have a parent or spouse who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Sorry.

-- Michael Boyle (, June 29, 2004.

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