"Andrew Pickens" Heavyweight car

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I once saw and failed to buy a Rivarossi HO scale heavyweight car, painted solid dark green and lettered ANDREW PICKENS. Was there a real prototype for this car? If so, where can I find prototype information so I can duplicate it in HO scale. (There is probably no chance of finding this car on the shelf now, and I have a special connection with that particular name.)

-- F M Garner (mgarner@mccroryconstruction.com), June 25, 2004


MR.Garner; I can't find any references to a 'Southern' heavyweight car under the name of Andrew Pickens, however, at www.northeast.railfan.net/rolling4.html they show a photo of an ex.L&N heavyweight sleeper named Andrew Pickens. This may be the car your looking for. Hope this helps. RDC

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (rdcsouthern1@earthlink.net), August 29, 2004.

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