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Ok, two bikes I like the Buell XB12S Lightning and the MV Agusta Brutale. Two bikes that can offer a lot of fun. Is there somone out there who owend both. What's the best bike, 4 or 2 cyllinders, 750cc or 1200cc.

-- bert de backer (, June 25, 2004


want to ad another bike to the list, Ducati S4R

-- Bert (, June 25, 2004.

there was an italian magazine that recently compares Ducati S4R, Buell, Brutale, Cagiva XRaptor, Triumph Speedtriple. The Brutale was the top for handling and beautiness, while the Ducs with an appropriate SeUp would be better. Cagiva need experience to keep the F.Wheel down and Buell and Triumph were too heavy (triumph) and not stable at top speeds (Buell). Carlo

-- carlo (, June 25, 2004.

Yo! XB12S uses a Harley Davidson engine -- your hands would be numb halfway to your destination. Just imagine the vibration. Another competitive choice is the Cagiva Raptor, with a much tamer handling with a very powerful engine from Suzuki (I personally go for this one!). Another choice is the Duc S4R, using the ol' 916 engine. Very powerful and yet very tricky. The Triump gives some oomph due it's very exciting Triple engine. Powerful but unattractive. Other Japs don't give me shit, though they are nice to look at -- sometimes....

-- AJ (, June 28, 2004.

I own a 2003 Buell XB9R and a 2003 MVF4. The Buell has a nallin full race exhaust and Buell race ecm. The vibration smooths out as you ride but is there at idle. I have no problem with it being unstable at high speeds. It is a fun bike to ride. With that said it is no MV. It feels like a slow wobbly piece of crap in comparison. I know I have the F$ but the Brutale should be close to the same. My Buell is the 984 but I have ridden a 2004 1200 and mine is faster with what I have done. Hope this helps...

-- Ron King (, June 28, 2004.

i had an X1 before i buy a Brutale. The Harley motor is nice and the sound great. It was my first bike and i enjoyed very much, i change polly air filter, pistons, everything. The problem for me is that i need more ps and whith the Buell (the XB12 also)it's not enough... Now i have a Brutale and the sound and the power is great and the look is like the Buell like nobody else, Mv agusta is a bike different also because the name, and never probleme whith little things like the Buell. If one day Buell have a bike like the X1 whith a great power from 2500 to 5000 and 140 ps i buy one... Because fell the power very strong whith the Harley motor already at 2500 it gives sensation to be easy the best bike of the world... for a long time.Did you hear me Erik Buell. But now Mv Agusta is.

-- didjoe (, July 08, 2004.

he guy's been a while sinds i posted this message. Bought myself a Brutale, and man this is a good bike. And when I say a good bike there is no beter. I feels good, I handles so effortless, it looks good. One thing it takes gas like I do beer and that can't be healty. But still I feel that I made the right choice. Which I could afford them both, or beter build me a big garage and buy all the bikes I want. He you all you've been a big help.

-- Bert (, July 09, 2004.

@bert: try the PowerCommander. On my Brutale we found from 3 to 9 hp over the whole revs, a much better throttle response and fuel consumption droped down from 9lt/100km to 7lt/100km. But be careful, you need a really personalised map because MV's have a very wide dispersion. Every engine is different don't take a map from another MV.....

Cheers from Switzerland Valerio

-- Valerio Starace (, October 12, 2004.

The Brutale beats the Buell hands down easy. I own a Cagiva Raptor 1000, but have ridden both the Brutale S, XB12R Firebolt, Xtra Raptor, Speed Triple, Tuono R and Ducati S4R this year. As a matter of fact I rode the Brutale with Ducati S4R and the Brutale beats the Ducati on everything except Suspention and brakes. Go for Raptor or Brutale. The 750 cc engine in the Brutale offers a lot of fun and it sounds absolutely amazing for a four.

-- Tor Sagen (, December 14, 2004.

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