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Hi i wanted to know if any one could help. my husband at the age of 21 went to get a car bought a new car 3 days latter the dealership calls and tells us to bring back the car they have to get us into another car they got us into a lease they did not tell us a thing about lease insurance could not afford the insurance plus the car so called them up to buy the car would not let us so had to give them back the car they took us to court and put a jugement against him we are now trying to buy a house and want to make a settlement with them but every offer we give them they refuse they do not know we want to buy a house so what can i do help.

-- donna alicea (lizards311@aol.com), June 24, 2004


Hi Donna,

Did you receive the summons from the court, or the judgment itself? How much was it for? I would suggest you go to your local CAB or money advice centre to get some help on this one. CCJ's will not stop you from getting a mortgage, you'll just have to use a sub-prime lender depending on hold the CCJ is and how much its for. thanks, james

-- James D (jamesduffy4@hotmail.com), June 29, 2004.

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