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I'm planning to by me a Brutale is there anyone who can tell me if there's a difference between a 2003 and a 2004. I here guy's talking about beter power in the new 2004 F4. Is 14675 euro a good price? Whats the problem with fuell consumption.

-- Bert De Backer (, June 24, 2004


Not sure about the difference in 2003 vs 2004.

The problem with fuel comsumption is that it sucks way more gas then the F4's do. My 2001 f4 would do 15k/l whereas my 2004 Brutale is lucky to do 10k/l. Touring range is under 200k. When I commute the fuel light comes on around 135k usually. Keep in mind the tank is 19l and not 21l like the f4.

-- Matthew Thompson (, June 24, 2004.

I'm pretty sure that there is no 2003 Brutale.....that it was introduced as a 2004 model even though they started arriving in the summer of '03. I do know that the only difference between the early and late models is a color-matching front fender on the newest.

Of course, i speak only of the Brutale's in the U.S. Is quite possible Europeans were able to get 2003 models.

-- Tom Solimine (, June 24, 2004.

2003 and 2004 are different in rear suspension setup and high. The Front calipers are differets too. Someone talks about little differences in the engine eprom. Definetly the 2004 Brutale is more "soft" than the 2003. Someone thinks that the 2003 is better cause is less Soft. I own a 2004 and the consumption are abot 10/12 km with 1 Liter Cheer Carlo

-- Carlo (Leo Carlo) (, June 25, 2004.

Think the 2003 model also has a light switch whereas the 2004 model has the lights on all the time. The euro price you quoted is about the same as the UK price of 10,500. I've fitted a Powercommander to my 2004 Brutale. Improves fuel consumption by about 15% and gains an extra 10HP. Having said that, the stock HP was just under 100 at the rear wheel. With the PC its 110, making it approximately match MV's claimed figure of 127 at the crank. The fuel map in the stock EPROM is all over the place. The PC not only improves fuel consumption but also makes the bike at bit smoother. Bill

-- Bill Craigie (, June 26, 2004.

Hi I have a March 2004 Brutale for sale, in red fitted with Datatool alarm and with 800 miles on. It is mint and has just had first service. Bought from Cobb & Jagger in shipley for the usual 10,500. If you are interested I am sure we can deal. I am looking for about 8,500 Grahame

-- Grahame (, June 26, 2004.

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