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How far do u go and what do people feel is right;

A lift company I know has just stood 2/3rds of its crew down for taking out industrial action relating to an eba

the story goes: the employees were not happy with the way things were going on salary and due to other company's at the time doing an eba decided to talk with a union and go down the path of neogating an eba in place of salary.

well the company was presented a log of claims in the usual manner i.e the union rep walked in placed one on the counter and said your employee's want this, and i gather promptly left.

noting that the employes had made modest attempts previously without to much fuss by hinting to management by email,asking for conditions in writing by the hr rep on a visit with all the brass present, and just rumbings becomming more often and louder.

well the manager took the claim a bit personally and caused a few minor waves via discussions.

a reading was done with all present, an the hr rep from head office on the log of claims and it was agreed it was fairly reasonable and not out ragious.

a meeting was held after industrial action was thretened due to no answer, real comittment and both parties decided to agree in writing to a talk further of an eba if the strike was removed in good faith. this occured

correspondace was to occur by email to weed out the smaller items

after no responce and some 48 days protected industrial action was again put forth, a reply was sent only 5 mins before the close of business the day before the strike and in good faith was called off by the employees the doc read and answered by the union with changes and clarifications.

once again no responce was received a further 30 odd days passed while work and jobs was maintained. strike action was again put in place, no work on fridays or out of hrs call. no reply was received and the action went forth..........for four wks trapped passanger calls being done by managment

The company then decided it was not in good faith and has refused to talk since.... neogations had broke dwn.

to try and get managment talking further action was increased; no use of mobile phones or paperwk and all over time baned.........once these bans came online after the above 4wks one member returned to work for personal reasons and the remaining were ofered a salary package including hirer pay which was rejected as it didn't cover conditions the main reason for most wanting an eba (not money); after rejection the workers were stood down not allowed to return to wk for six wks.........

this is the present condition..........

how do you get mangament to talk? if they won't reply without some threat.

how long after dicussions start should things be considered reasonable (current out of hrs wk, no pay increase-cpi-frozen)

Its a good company and most have been there over 8 yrs and liked there job only good faith conditions seem to be being streached causing this mess

it will cost jobs and some individuals have been froced back on light duties or face workcover damages being revocked nasty games

how do you return to an employeer without a grude

ur thoughts please

-- annonimus (, June 24, 2004


email me .....the email address is true...we have been through a fight in Australia too.....and it wasnt easy


-- dayle (, June 26, 2004.

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