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Can someone please help me!!! Ok, I am just getting started in filming and I want to get a sweet camera. I have actually been originally looking for used Sony VX2000's or Sony VX2100's however it is super hard to find cheap ones. Then I found the Sony TRV950. If the trv950 is also a 3chip is it worth it for me to go ahead and pay a lot more for the vx's?? Also, one of the MAIN reasons I am so interested in the vx's is for one, the handle on tope which makes filming super mobile and really easy to manipulate, AND ALSO you can get an incredible fisheye lense for them, (.3x) I film skateboarding so this is a necessity and I have not seen any .3x fisheye lenses for the TRV 950 camera. can anyone give me advice, please, =) , because I dont have tons of money and want to make a good decision!!!

-- G (, June 23, 2004

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