Pirelli Dilemma Solved.. FYI..

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In last weeks episode, I had a tire dilemma .. I could NOT find a matching 120/65ZR-17 front Pirelli Diablo for the rear I purchased from www.discountmotorcycletires.com Many even said that Pirelli didnít even make a 65 series and suggested I go up to a 70... which I did not want to do..

I actually found a 65 series Diablo listed at http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com and ordered it for $133.... but a few hours later I found out that Pirelli does NOT make a 65 Diablo.. but does make a 65 CORSA. Hmmmm...

Before I called the Motorcycle Superstore to find out what the hell they were actually shipping me, I called and spoke to the tech guys at Pirelli to find out what the scoop was..

They told me that they do NOT produce a 65 series Diablo and had no intentions of producing them in the future, but indeed make a 65 Corsa version. They also confirmed that you can mix and match a Corsa with a Diablo which is what Iíll be doing. I tend to slide my front end (due mostly to bad habits) rather than the rear so front grip is more important to ME than rear...This combination should be ideal for me and the cost of the Diablo rear is MUCH less than the Corsa. They confirmed that rubber compounds were virtually identical but that the Corsa, with itís smaller tread openings simply has more contact path.. as I suspected..

Bottom line.. Mongo happy.. the 65 series Pirelli Corsa can be purchased at http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/item.aspx?style=6181&department=647&Division=6 for only $133 even though it SAYS itís a Diablo

Mine arrived just today...

-- Pirate (Pirate@acelink.net), June 22, 2004

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