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Well tonight several animals will meet their maker in the great hen/duck house in the sky. God has given them a good life full of green grass, yummy seeds, and fresh air. I have enjoyed watching them mature, and the first roosters are just starting to crow. Now it is time for them to serve their purpose upon our family table. I just saw one of our older roosters sidling up to a nice young hen, and clucking is come hither cluck. The hen looked confused, and just kept on eating totally ignoring the roosters advances. She should be starting to lay in another month. I am fixing to thin the competition for the rooster. Many hens are setting right now, and more of these good dinners will be coming along. Anybody here ever eat a Silky? They must make a pretty funny looking carcass with all that black skin. I have a batch of silkies coming up. Just for fun I may try one. However most of the roosters will be sold. Eventually I would like to fence in my orchard, and have a flock of just buff silkies in the orchard. They are wonderful for an orchard. They don't fly, they eat bugs, and man are they cute.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, June 22, 2004

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