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i am having problems getting my hands on a otis test tool,i heard that it can be put on to a labtop but what software do i need to do this and were can i get it?

-- petersmith (, June 21, 2004


Hyperterminal is included with windows and works for the most part. You'll need an rs232 to rs422 converter, and these are available commercially (search the web). You'll need to also make up a short wiring adapter like magnatec uses to talk to it's drives. Then you're in.

There are other solutions, but this one Otis can not throw it's weight around to try to stop everyone from using a standard that they did not invent, and do not own.

-- Dan (, June 22, 2004.

Another good solution is to use a "WYSE" terminal, sometimes you get lucky if the big O has installed an EMS system (DOS Based version)on the job and have a dummy terminal (WYSE terminal) in the machine room, this is real good as it will already have a RS-232 to RS-422 mounted somewhere near the terminal all you have to do is get a length of data cable and a male D9 plug then reconfigure the terminal. You can normally pick up old WYSE terminals very cheap secondhand and just leave them in the MR. You will need an RS-232 to RS422 converter. Otis use Rs-422 protocol, the 232 is for a serial port. Use the following comm settings: Baud=9600, Bits=8, Parity=Odd, Stop Bits=1 and flow control is irrelevant as handshaking is not used, also use VT100 or ANSI terminal emulation. You need to make a "cross-over" cable between the 422 side of your converter and the Service Tool Port. From memory I think the pin- outs on the Service Tool Ports are: 3=TD- 4=RD+ 7=TD+ 8=RD- Pins 5 and 9 are ground and pins 1, 2 and 6 have voltage on them used to power an Otis test tool - DO NOT connect anything to those pins ONLY CONNECT THE DATA LINES.

-- lifty (, June 23, 2004.

I almost forgot....I prefer the WYSE WY-55 (or 60 series) terminals as you can set up screen labels as well eg "F1=Module", "F2=Set"..."F5=GoOn". You can set the function keys to pass on predefined commands eg. "M"=Module, "S"=Set "F"=Function ">"=GoOn "<"=GoBack etc.

-- lifty (, June 23, 2004.

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