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We are migrating from SQL 7.0 to SQL 2000 and found a problem in our 3rd party COTS package. The problem is the vendor used the USER_NAME function from SQL 70, in SQL 2000 Microsoft replaced this command with SUER_SNAME. We found a Microsoft command sp_dbcmptlevel that should set certain database behaviors to be compatible with the speicified earlier version of SQL Server.

We executed the sp_dbcmptlevel with a value of 70 indicating to set the database compatible level to 70 within SQL 2000 for the database used by the 3rd party COTS package.

Has anyone found a command or other workaround as to not modify their existing application?

-- Anonymous, June 21, 2004



My checking did not find any other workaround.


-- Anonymous, June 21, 2004

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