what ginder do i use for cuppuccino

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help i have the ecm giotto pro grinder but i dont know what setting?number to put it on for a good cuppuccino grind,

its for the isomac millennium coffee machines.

-- maria leech (bettyred33154168@aol.com), June 20, 2004


Hello Maria,

There is no specific number setting for your grinder. In fact a well trained barista may adjust a grind setting as often as 20 times in a day. Try to set the grind so that the espresso extracts at about 25 seconds. Making the grind finer will make the extraction proccess longer where as setting the grind more course will speed the time up.


Jared Mockli Executive Director Seattle Barista Academy www.seattlebaristaacademy.com

-- Jared Mockli (jared@seattlebaristaacademy.com), July 02, 2004.

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