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Voices: Stop the War in Little Saigon

Jun 18, 2004

Garden Grove and Westminster, the key cities of Little Saigon, recently passed a resolution to create a communist-free zone, clearly a symbolic act against the government of Vietnam. Anyone who is familiar with the Vietnamese American community and its politics would hardly be surprised by such an act, for vocal anticommunists have led or dragged the community for nearly 30 years. What distinguishes it from past gestures and protests is its air of dubious legality and that it is sponsored by second-generation Vietnamese American legislators.

&Mac253;on-Vietnamese Americans, and even many Vietnamese Americans, may think that the entire community is united behind such an act this is not so. Many have no wish to continue the fight against communism, but are very reluctant to say so, since an extremist element in the community resorts to protests, shouting and even violence to quell any such disagreement.


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-- Nong bi dai' (, June 18, 2004



-- (, June 19, 2004.

Lũ cộng c tai chẳng vểnh ra_____ Giống ch cụp ui ngu qu h_____ Phn ngời chi mũi, xi cho _____ C ngy dn ập cho chết a_____ Giống ch nặc n chỉ biết ca_____ Gio iều ghi sẵn của hồ gi_____ Chỉ thị nhận ni ảng thổ tả_____ Cng nhau sủa cắn ồng bo ta_____ Nh nớc ầy trn những chu cha_____ Con ng cn ngố cả một nh_____ Tốt nghiệp bổ tc ni trờng x_____ Ln ngồi lnh ạo mấy nm qua_____ Hn chi ất nớc chỉ ton ma_____ Giấy tờ bằng cấp c tiền l_____ Kỹ s, tiến sĩ mang ồ giả_____ Chỉ v ờn b ... l thật nha !!_____


-- Nong bi dai' (, June 19, 2004.

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