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PLEASE EXCUSE ME!!! I am somewhat confused here. I just recently started doing customizing here in Trinidad after being in the US for a while. I have done three MV F4 here and have bought and have ended up with from my work here and in the US with parts for a number of bikes. I only this week registered here on Ebay to sell off the parts that I have and have notbefore and do not intend now to steal from anyone. The subframe was bought from a gentle man here named Brent who has an MV of his own. I have an Mv which i brought back from the US when I came here and know the value of parts for others and am now offering these parts om Ebay. If you doubting Thomases decide to miss out on this opportunity then go right ahead then. You'll be seeing the feedbacks going up and up in the future.

-- EBAY MV parts seller (antynorry@hotmail.com), June 18, 2004


Oh!! by the way, all bank transaction done in Us dollars must go through a US bank. If it is done in EUros then it goes through a european bank. If you send me a bank draft or check then after i get it, it is a standard here to have the bak hold it for 48 days before it is cashed. So unless you would like to wait that long to get yuour stuff then a bank transfer is perhaps the best other than Western union or Money Gram. Oh!! and FEDEX IS THE CHEAPEST HERE- and most efficient.

-- ebayseller (antynorry@hotmail.com), June 18, 2004.

It would seem that many people have been taken advatage of for used parts on these bikes. Most people are willing to give a name or contact information when it comes to possible transactions. If you are aware of the price on parts then it is a safe asssumption that you have been on this forum before. You must be watching this forum or else you would not know about the opinions here. What name have you used here before? I am sure that I am not the only one who would like to know this. Where were you in the US that you aquired your parts and bikes? If you are above board then you probably know people that we can confirm you with, so that we will not miss out on any deals on parts. It seems that Trinidad sure has a great number of MV parts and bikes! There must be a very large club for events, since most of the people representing parts down there seem to have them. I am sure that you understand the reluctance to trust any sources down there since at least half a dozen people have been scammed from that zone. You are welcome to contact me, but I will post anything you have to say here. Many of us here are participating on a mutual support system for these unusual bikes. We hope to keep the bikes and passion for them alive. Anyone who messes with this will be brought out into the open. It is too bad that public hangings are not leagal anywhere that I know of. Only those with something to hide will not divulge who they are. If you intend on building a reputation you had better do it quick, since this is not the only place that susspicions are raised about the eBay seller. I wish you well.

-- Cali-Kane (mvagusta@sbcglobal.net), June 19, 2004.

i saw a carbon fibre exhaust heal gaurd on ebay item no. 2482334276 for $25USD from this guy in Trinidad, i contacted him when the listing 1st appeared regarding shipping costs before i would place my bid. there are now 2 hours remaining for the end of the auction. i havent had any response from him. maybe its not worth him responding to my question because its an item of such small value. if he is trying to look legitimate, well unfortunately its not a good start.

-- F. Galluzzo (figliodiputana@hotmail.com), June 19, 2004.

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