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I have allways had trouble with communtator bars moving and getting high bar noise compared to Westinghouse and Otis generators that never any or a fraction of com trouble. If not fixed you get sparking on brushes and nise that will drive you out of building some over 110 db

I have what what works best is to turn the com in place with the smallest ideal tool then undercut mica install new brushes and sand in. Then everytime you go into Machine room snap brushes you use one of those fine com stones with a long plasit handle and just touch the com when running for 1/2 second to knock the edge off any high bar and not even take any brush film off com and that seems to work best, nice and quiet good operation. I have worked on these beauties for years and even toured the factory back in 1980 in Akron but still dont know why the com bars move so much compared to others.

-- Jim (, June 18, 2004

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