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I plan on marrying a gentleman from central america sometime this year.I am an American Citizen. He came here approx, 7 years ago on a visiter visa,however has overstayed his visa.When he first came here he obtained (unknowingly due to language difficulties)a fraudulant S.S. card.Consequently, he worked for a major corporation for 5 years,paid taxes until 1 1/2 years ago when his corporation informed him that his S.S. # was not valid. He went to the S.S. office and they issued him a valid S.S. number/card for tax purposes only. He is currently employed and continues to pay IRS taxes. In addition, he also has a valid drivers lisence (out of state).my questions are what documents will we need to marry in the state of connecticut ,to get a CT drivers lisence and how to proceed with filing for a change in status.Also,how long before he receives papers to work? Once i file for him as my spouse, could he be deported? Is there a need for an attorney in these matters? We have been in a five year long distance loving relationship and when we marry he will become my childrens step father and I would not be able to live with him in his country until my youngest is in college.Please advise thank you

-- tricia (, June 18, 2004

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