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Hi all, I have recently aquired an old Seaboard Train Bulletin Board. It would have been mounted on the outside of a depot to indicate passenger train arrival/departure times in chalk on a daily basis. I have no idea which depot it would have come from. The painted lettering on it has faded out almost entirely. It is 32"x 48" and I can make out SEABOARD across the top and a few other words, but nothing to indicate where it came from. It's condition and style indicate to me that it is extremly old. My question to you is if anyone knows of any other existing SAL boards or photos of SAL train bulletin boards. I would like to do a semi-restoration to it so you could make out the weathered lettering. Problem is, I don't know what all it said on it. Any help would be appreciated! Darel Arvada, CO.

-- Darel Leedy (, June 17, 2004


Darel -

I have a copy of the SAL's standard drawing for station bulletin boards. Send me your address off-line and I will send you a copy. You definitely have a standard board, as they were 32" X 48".

-- William E. Griffin, Jr. (, June 27, 2004.

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