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I was looking at Justin May's excellent article on the SAL RS-2 in preparation for getting started on my P1K RS-2 upgrade. What is the box and valve like device on the walkway immediately behind the cab on the fireman's side on the locomotive? It's in the Cover shot of the 1604 on the 1st quarter '04 "Lines South".

-- Bill McCoy (, June 16, 2004


In reply to Bill McCoy.I was not a machinist,but a car foreman.

-- Joseph Oates (, August 08, 2004.

Thinking more about this, the undercab fuel tank on the RS-2 would have displaced the normally under cab air brake controls that we never see. I'll bet this is what this device is. I think Joe Oates was a machinist for the SAL and may know. I would also bet there is no part to replicate this device so your solution is probably the best. I look forward to the next issue and your modeling article. I looked at all of the web pictures of RS=2s I could find and all seem to have this.

-- Bill McCoy (, August 05, 2004.

Mr. McCoy, Some have often wondered what the pneumatic looking device on the B end of the locomotive is, and while I do not have a definitive answer, in all likelihood it is the air control system compressor. While researching original documents and operational brochures it was noted that while the operational controls of the RS-2 featured three air systems, this device controlled sanding, horn and wiper motors through the use of a secondary air system routed from the main reservoirs. To recreate this I used Cal-Scale #190-359 Passenger Car Brake Set Type IISC available from your local hobby shop. Please keep a watchful eye on this coming quarter's Lines South which should feature the modeling portion of the article. Please feel free to contact me further should you need additional information.

-- Justin R. May (, August 04, 2004.

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