High-performance fiberglass gigs in MA

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Hey Folks, In the early to mid 90's I rowed some great high-performance fiberglass gigs that a gentleman somewhere in eastern Mass had made. We raced them at the Snow Row and the Blackburn Challange. One was a sliding-seat double and the other was a fixed seat four. I believe both were self righting and self bailing. They both had fairly bulbous bows but rowed magnificantly. I'm trying to find out who he is and if he still make the boats and hopefully sells them. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-- Dan Mason (dan.mason@anr.state.vt.us), June 16, 2004


Dan - I also rowed one of the fours in last years Blackburn. The boats are built by Chuck Mainville. His website is:http://home.gwi.net/cycowri/ - good luck - Gary

-- Gary G. Piantedosi (gary@rowingrigs.com), June 16, 2004.

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