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I am in search for an aftermarket exhaust that will not break the bank does anyone know of one? 2002 Mv Agusta F4 Diamante.

-- Brian Walters (, June 16, 2004



The cheepest is probably Cossoli, they will do an exchange deal on your pipe. For aprox 320 (ish) you get a STD pipe thats been stripped out (much louder but still has type aproval stamp!), the end cans anodised (choise of colours), the pipe polished and a chip to suit. There have been some reports of the end cans falling off after this has been done, but I've seen posts on that happening to unmolested pipes.

Blue flame are probably the next up in the price stakes but your talking about something like twice the cossoli price.

You can always try ebay for some secondhand silmoto's, they come up from time to time.

Or you could get yourself some metal pollish for 3 and spend a few hours on your knees with a pile of old rags and give your STD pipes a good polish.

All depends on what your after.

-- Mark M (, June 17, 2004.

Mark, have you heard a "stripped" out set of Cassoli pipes? I assume it would be a cross/ in between RG3s and maybe Sil Motos? also, do you know the HP increase and where does it effect the range thanks Julian

-- julian mclean (, June 20, 2004.

yes - they are loud.

Can't advise on power gains as I have STD pipes.

-- Mark M (, June 21, 2004.

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