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Okay. I absolutely love the looks of the Brutale. Knowing that there is no way on Earth I'll ever get a test ride before purchase, will I be selling mine after a 1,000 miles or so like a couple others on this forum already have?

I live in Central Texas, with lots of twisty, up and down roads. My other bikes under consideration are the Ducati Multistrada, Ducate ST3 and BMW 1200 GS. I know the Brutale fits into none of the above riding categories. It seems like the perfect 2nd bike to own but might not be that great if its the only bike one owns.

The question is, is this bike so special, so beautiful, so fun, so eye-catching that it makes up for all the things it is not? i.e long distance, touring, multi-road capabilities.

Would love to hear from current owners as well as those who are selling/have sold.

-- Tom Solimine (, June 15, 2004


Come on up to Cycle Imports in Dallas. Their demo Brutale awaits you :)

Have a look at the latest roadracing world if you've already read the other reviews.


-- James (, June 15, 2004.

Yo! Brutale is a wonderful bike to own. It has great handling capabilities, superb control, magnificent fun factor, full of history and pedigree, the attention you get from those beautiful ladies, etc. It may not be a well rounded bike to ride, but who cares???? It's a damn beautiful bike! ! ! ! ! !

-- AJ (, June 15, 2004.

The Brutale rocks, Before purchasing I test rode a XB12s Buell, Vrod HD, Tuono( Very close to buying a Tuono R ) and eventually put a deposit on a Multistrada. Delivery issues on the Ducati had me getting my deposit back. So with money to spend I went into Melbourne to check out all the bike stores and when I saw the Brutale up close I had to have it. Purchased without a test ride! So far no problems, the bike is more than I expected. The only negative would be myself getting used to highway RPM as a long term V twin owner and being used to lazy power, but on the flip side when this thing hits 6000RPM+ awesome. The more I ride this bike the more I enjoy it. PS: Not all Brutales for sale are because the owner was not happy, eh Leif.

-- brad smith (, June 16, 2004.

Wow! The Dallas dealer has a demo??? I didn't think there were enough of these bikes on the planet to set one aside for demos. I'll call them today to get the scoop.

I looked online at Roadracing World and did not see any mention of the Brutale. Perhaps its in the print version only.

I think my biggest concern about the Brutale is the 4 gallon tank and the review I read saying they averaged only 23 mpg. I'd be at the gas pump three times a day at that rate. The girlfriend also claims she will ride along with me (not sure she actually will). If so, then she'd only do it once on the Brutale....does not look passenger friendly.

I know my concerns about the Brutale are silly. It is what it is.....a gorgeous pocket rocket. If I want to take pillions on long trips I should look elsewhere.

Last everyone satisfied with the reliability of MV Agustas?

-- Tom Solimine (, June 16, 2004.

Tom, your observations are spot on, I have had my Brutale four months,2500km, my girlfriend wont get on the back if the trip is more than 50km. It consumes 10km/litre (30mpg), the riding position is quite cramped and a couple of hundred kilometres sees me with a sore back. The rear vision mirrors are close to useless….. BUT…, it is the best bike I have ever owned. I makes the most gorgeous noise, has the sharpest steering, surest handling, and looks magnificent. It was certainly worth the high price, I absolutely love it and it is definitely NOT for sale. I don’t care about its shortcomings and impracticalities, if I wanted a practical bike, well there are loads of those, hell if one wants practical what about a Mazda 3.. This thing is about passion, about art, it’s about leaving the everyday utilitarian life behind on a snarling wailing glittering piece of Italian motorcycle art…

-- Ian Sylvester (, June 16, 2004.

Tom, I own a Black Brutale and a Silver F4. The Brutale is a charm and pleasure to ride compared to the F4 (of course the F4 has its own advantages that I won't talk about now:) It has an amazing power and isn't half as uncomfortable as everyone makes it sound (I am 6'3). Especially after you adjust the pegs. Last weekend I rode about 230 miles on it with my girlfriend and we both enjoyed it. I just love that bike and would rather sell the F4 (well maybe only to get the new Mille) before separating from the Brutale. Did I mention it is just gorgeous to look at??!! You can't go wrong by buying one.

-- Eric Kazmarek (, June 18, 2004.

Hi all, Brutale is brilliant and wouldn't be selling mine if soon to be ex wife didn't need the money!! Didn't sell on e-bay at £8500 someone make me an offer and buy a bargain! It was £10,800 3 months ago.

-- Gra (, June 18, 2004.

So, after all tose contributions,what did you decide Tom?

-- Ian Sylvester (, June 20, 2004.

I've determined, with the help of you good folk, that the Brutale will almost certainly be my next (and only) bike. The "only" part of that sentence is all that has me concerned. I'm convinced its not the best bike to own as far as having just one bike but the fun factor and beauty factor should keep me amused long enough until such time as I can afford to supplement the Brutale with something that goes alot farther with more comfort.

I went to an open-house in San Antonio this past Saturday and fell in love with this bike all over again. I still wasn't able to get a test ride but am convinced that the seating position is upright enough that I won't have any serious back, neck or wrist strain.

Thinking as the accountant that I am, my guess is I would take a financial bath should I need to sell a bike purchased new. They really don't seem to be flying off the dealership floors. The main problem might be that everyone is waiting for the 1000cc F4. Can't say that I blame them. If I were under 30 years old and made the type of money I make now, I'd have a deposit down on one of the 1000cc MV's as well.

Anyway, there's a good chance I'll be able to obtain one with very few miles at a nice discount. If I can, then I will most definitely jump on it.

Thanks again for your input. Your love for this machine is contageous.

-- Tom Solimine (, June 21, 2004.

I just bought a used one. Frankly would have bought new, but none in stock the two times I called. The seller let me take it around the block. This gave me no real idea how truly fun it is to ride.

It is faster than stink, gets a little wheelie action when asked (I"m 46 so ain't happenin' much anymore) but the best part of this bike is the engine and balance. It is so intuitive. Fun fun fun.

I almost hung up riding prior to finding this bike. It reminds me of an old bike not mentioned anymore...the Suzuki Katana...and early "naked" sport bike.

I want to thank MV Agusta for putting passion back into the ride for me.

-- Kevin Deal (, July 04, 2004.

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