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I'm buying an F4S 750. A total of 19500 Euros. And the dealer not only didn't want to make any kind of discount nor give me any "present" like a helmet or a bike cover or the tripod. Is that normal? specially when I have to go and pick up the bike to the nearest dealer (800 km away from my city) Are all the MV deallers alike? Does anyone of you got a good deal? How? Thanks in advance for any help

-- chano (, June 13, 2004


My experience was similar.. no discount...and I'M in the freakin' biz!! However, I insisted that I get my Ferrachi Risers and shop manual at cost at pick-up and they acted like I was asking to f#@* his wife...but I got them..

Now they are coming to ME for MV accessories.. Payback is a bitch.

-- Pirate (, June 13, 2004.

My bike was a leftover 2002 with a nice discount, a stand and a black MV leather jacket. It was delivered to my house at 10pm New Years eve by a dealer in Idaho that is an 8 hour drive from here. They come pick up my bike when it needs service and the 1st service cost $280. I can't say enough about Beadry Motorsports... they ROCK!

-- Bill (, June 13, 2004.

Isn't the rear stand included as standard from the factory? They ship them in the stand inside the crate, that's the main rear mount. At least in the US, maybe it's different closer to the factory?

-- JWA (, June 14, 2004.

The rear stand should be delivered with the bike. If not, ask to your dealer. Honesty I used only a couple of times in wintertime on my F4, but it is your right to have it. If you want to buy apart, they will ask for 200/300 USD at least. Carlo

-- carlo (, June 15, 2004.

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