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Having a dilemma here.. perhaps somebody can help me.. and if this subject has been beaten to death.. my heartfelt apologies...

I want to try the Pirelli Diablos (or Corsaís) on my 03 F4. The Diablos make the most since as I spend 99.5% on the street and thatís what Pirelli recommends.. which is good enough for me.

I bought the REAR Diablo from ..which had the best price.. and itís been delivered.. I also ordered the front 120/65ZR-17 from as they were the only place I could find that offered the 65 series Diablo, but just after ordering, I hear that Pirelli doesnít make a 65 in either the Corsa or Diablo and their website confirms that. Will speak with Motorcycle Superstore tomorrow to see if they know something I donít... which is neither here nor there.

I NEVER mix brands so if a 65 Diablo or Corsa is not, in fact on the market, I can either return the rear and go to another brand that does produce a 65 series or change to either a 70 series or 60 series Diablo. I have heard that the 70 will work fine.. a few say with extreme braking the tire will actually contact the radiator, but otherwise it will work fine EXCEPT that it will slow steering down ever so slightly..

My personal dilemma is.. I donít want to sacrifice the current handling characteristics by going to a taller tire UNLESS the difference is negligible in the real world... and have heard from NOBODY who chose the shorter 60 series tire... I wonder if the 60 series would make things too quick or if there are ANY down-sides to the 60's..are are the differences again...negligible?

Would appreciate ANY opinions on going up to the 70 series or dropping to the 60...

Plan on contacting Pirelli this week to see if a 65 is indeed in the works.. Opinions on that welcome as well...

-- Jerry (Pirate) Finley (, June 13, 2004


Hi Jerry,

I'm running the taller 120/70 Corsa Diablo on our F4 project bike. We are using the light BST carbon wheels so the taller tire was not an issue.

However for the OEM wheels, you can lower the front or raise the rear slightly to compensate for the taller tire.

We recommend the 120/70 on Ducati 748s that come stock with the 120/60 as well . The taller tire has a better feel when pushed hard AND it offers more rim protection for bad roads.

-- martin (, June 13, 2004.

Jerry, the 120/60 is a recommended tire while the 120/70 is not. Obviously 120/65 is the best choice, but if you can't get that, I would choose the 120/60 over the 120/70. Look at the decal on the left side of the steering head. But if you can find a 120/70 that ABSOLUTELY does not rub the radiator under ANY conditions, I would not hesitate to use it.

-- JJ (, June 14, 2004.

The Diablo is available in 65, the Corsa supposedly available in 65 in the next month or so, according to Pirelli anyway. (I rang them recently).

Too late for them however, I obtained a set of new Michelin Pilot Powers in the correct sizes. Dunlop are also offering 208RR's in 65 front, but again I don't think they're available yet. Go for the Mich's.

Personally I wouldn't use a 60 series, but then I just like the feel of the 65. Can't see a 60 making the bike too quick steering however, no such thing as 'too quick steering' really, providing you don't go unstable !! If I had to change, I'd go to the 70, but like I said prefer the feel of the 65 so will stick with that while I can.

-- Craig (, June 15, 2004.

Where did you buy your Pilot Powers from?

-- Curt McMillion (, June 15, 2004.

Got the Mich's from Tony Salt Tyre's. Havn't got the number to hand, but they advertise in the back of MCN.

Really helpful guys, had the 65 front on the shelf. Had to pay list price though which is a first for me !

-- Craig (, June 17, 2004.

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