Miprom21 problem

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Have a problem on a Miprom21 with an anolog drive. The car started trapping passengers. World tool gives a 127 error, car starts to run in either direction a comes to a controlled stop, right away before getting in to leveling, or to a floor. Have changed car and machine tach. with no change. Any suggestions would be helpfull. Thanks

-- Clark (pdell200@comcast.net), June 12, 2004


What does world say a 127 error is?

-- cliff (cliff77@att.net), June 13, 2004.

I looked in my world book and the error codes do not go up that high only to 44 and the M black book goes to 62 Have you contacted World and ask them about the error code??? are they any help. Those Miprom 21 jobs run great but you better have OEM support and spare parts in stock especially with the analog drives.

-- Jim (elevator555@hotmail.com), June 13, 2004.

sounds like your losing the position reference. replace the encoder, car top or governor mounted, make sure its 12v compatible. next the relay pilot, then the msu, then the cpu. also might be the ets board,it uses a channel for speed reference.

-- cliff (cliff77@att.net), June 15, 2004.

Sorry for the incorrect info, it's a 27 fault. I've changed the MSU, car top encoder, checked voltages and tightned connections as per CCC, still no luck.

-- Clark (pdell200@comcast.net), June 15, 2004.

27 is a comparater fault, which creates an emergency stop. on an analog that can be caused by a bad tach or loose coupling. tach brushes. any excessive noise from the transformer when running down? check the scr's, an analog will run with an open scr or bad gating.

-- cliff (cliff77@att.net), June 17, 2004.

I had a similar problem recently. Turned out to be the brake dragging intermittently. Check contacts in SB relay. The brake was barely picking due to reduced voltage and thus the velocity commanded didn't match feedback from tach.

-- Ken Kelly (Kellyvator@Bellsouth.net), February 02, 2005.

economy resistors on brake are a common cause. on some jobs, they don't seem to last long enough. Had to parallel more resistors on some.


-- n swan (norm@gen.com), February 03, 2005.

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