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I have manufactured an indestructable 1/2-3 lb stainless steel coffee roasting chamber (drum style).I will sell it with rod ,handle ,and mounting hardware.The drum is rotated by a stainless steel housed electric motor. Included is an adjustable fan with cooling rack which also removes chaff nicely.I will throw in 2# colombian supremo and 2# Ethiopian yirgecheffe to get you started roasting. You may use almost any full sized gas grill 30,000 btu and up . Roaster mounts easily, all you need is a screw driver and pliers. This Roaster is an excellent choice for home roasters who are tired of small batches.With a little practice you will be roasting better tasting fresher coffee than you can buy,at a fraction of the price.$595 plus shipping. Roaster must be used in well ventilated area.

-- Dan Miller (, June 12, 2004

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