Fate of GN and GAS&C ex-Southern FTs

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An article about these short lines were in the April 1969 issue of TRAINS. At that time the GAS&C FT #16 (ex-Southern 4100) and GN #14 FT(ex-Southern 4105) were extra-ordinary even for short line use in 1969. My question is what became of them? My quess is trade-in value or scrape value was too great for a short line to just donate them to a museuum.

-- Turner McCarley (tmccarley@infoave.net), June 12, 2004


Something you need to understand... by 1969 the FTAs were no longer "Pidcock" property, they were Southern Railway property, and as such they were traded-in on new power and scrapped. Shame really, those two units and the F.M. motor car would have been great pieces to save but they were not, and that is a shame.

I don't know if you know about it or not but there is a Group on Yahoo Groups that deals with the Pickock lines, called Pidcock Roads. Its url is http://groups.yahoo .com/group/Pidcock_Roads

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (laboda@bellsouth.net), June 12, 2004.

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