Heinz Klaiberg

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I have just inherited an original oil by the artist Heinz Klaiberg, was he a famous artist and are his works at all valuable?

-- kim bredin (dbredin@cogeco.ca), June 11, 2004


Are you sure it is Heinz Klaiberg? I know about an artist who did work in Oil - Fritz Klaiberg 1921 - 1998. An original might be somwhat valuable. Possibly around 300 Euro but I really don't know about such things. Fritz Klaiberg was a german from the city of Gelsenkirchen - but I think he mostly painted scenes from around south of germany - bavaria, munich, small mountain villages etc.

I inherited one myself - I think. It used to hang in my grandfathers living room and I always have been fascinated by it.

Regards Anne

-- Anne Werner (Anne.Werner@netcologne.de), January 09, 2005.

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