4 sale Brutale (s)2004 $23,750aus 2500klms

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must sell next bike ordered, bike is at Queensland. Australia. in perfect condition,stock standard, service at 1000k done, has rego, can email pictures

-- Leif Karlsson (ltk@bigfoot.com.au), June 10, 2004


$20k and a kick in the nuts

-- BIGGUS (knickers.fu_kew@hotmail.com), June 11, 2004.

What bike did you order? Not happy with the Brutale?

-- brad smith (brad.smith10@optusnet.com.au), June 11, 2004.

I 2nd that question....Why are you selling your Brutale?

-- Tom Solimine (tsolimine@amph.com), June 15, 2004.

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