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Desperately trying to find clutch lever and foot peg for left side 01 f4. Any help would be huge!

-- David Matsuk (, June 10, 2004



If you get really desperate you can always move to rearsets. Casoli USA (Since it looks as if you're on compuserve I'll assume US?), Motowheels and all offer various rearsets including the clutch lever (foot lever or hand lever?).

If hand lever, check out Jack who some on the MV yahoogroup got together and had a run of levers done up by:

email at:

with some of his photos at:


-- James (, June 10, 2004.

Did you try your dealer. I am in the western US and have been able to get everything in a matter of days. I have the dealer get what they don't have 2day shipped from Cagiva USA. They are able to confirm if the parts are on the shelf and they show up. I just bought both items with in the last week so I know that they are in stock.

-- Cali-Kane (, June 11, 2004.

good day Sir, I happen to have a gear shifter here for sale. I dont have the footpeg anymore though. I would sell it to you for US$70.00 plus shipping to you via FEDEX. If you wish I can send the gear out on Monday collect via fedex. Do you have a fedex account? Then we can arrange payment thereafter somehow. It would help me greatly as i need to add a measure of validity to my reputataion as i am starting at a disadvantage as here in the caribbean in trinidad where i now live there was some scammer with regard to MV parts sales. I have started doing some customizing and happen to have my own senna too which i brought along. Sorry im blabbing!! Please let me know if i can help.

-- Anthony (, June 18, 2004.

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