Wanted: wrecked/salvaged/blown motor MV F4 750

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I am in search of a 2000-2004 MV F4 750 that has a rebuildable title for NC. The only requirements are that the forks and frame must be straight. Wheel damage, fairing damage, clipon damage ok. If the bike is fine except for a blown engine then that is even better, as I am planning some serious engine mods. Anyone that has any leads on a bike that fits this description would be greatly appreciated. Cash money waiting.

-- Brian Ogle (brian928s@cs.com), June 09, 2004


Yo! There is a couple of bikes here that may be interested to this deal. I'll keep you posted.....

-- AJ (adiviso@hotmail.com), June 09, 2004.

Where is here? If it's not stateside then I'm not interested. If it is, then thanks for your help.

-- Brian Ogle (brian928s@cs.com), June 10, 2004.

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