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LENDER: NATWEST BANK LAWYER: Addleshaw Goddard (Addleshaw Booth & Co as was) and the even nastier Eversheds (or is it? See below). Formal Demand was issued in 1992 and a shortfall claim was issued in 1996 all matters now at issue came to light in February 2004 and these issues are yet to be scrutinised by the courts. However, at the lender's behest I must now only refer all matters now at issue to one David Young an associate solicitor with Addleshaw Booth & Co now Addleshaw Goddard.Everytime I make a valid point or enquiry he simply ends the call and whenI write the points made are ignored.

I believe that Eversheds refused to act for the Bank because it was brought to its attention that the Bank had fraudulently obtained a suspended possession order(that Addleshaw Goddard later had the court enforce). In my quest for justice, (if under current Land Law there is such a thing) I have found this site invaluable. However, I have always been reluctant to expose myself to my opponents by going public on this site. This said, I need help to finally end the nightmare I have subjected my wife to over the 12 years we have know each other (we were blessed with our first born 20.04.04 within weeks of our illegal eviction (26.02.04) from where, subsequent to our marriage,we had lived together since 1996) as follows:

I need to involve the media. How do I get hold of Ray Gosling?

Experian has given out my wife's current & temporary address to debt collectors. Does anyone have its head office contact details so as I can take the necessary steps under the DPA 1998 and stop the continued harassment?

-- (smassie@onetel.net.uk), June 09, 2004


Don't forget to look at the OFT website re the harrassment:http://www.oft.gov.uk/News/Press+releases/2003/PN+97- 03.htm

In respect to getting hold of Ray Gosling I would give the beeb a ring, don't email. Good Luck.


-- M Amos (idgroms@hotmail.com), June 10, 2004.

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