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I currently row both singles and sweep row in 8s on the Charles River. I will be in Vermont, not far from Dartmouth College, in late July and would like to know of a community boathouse on the Connecticuit River near Dartmouth.

-- Pamela Fox (, June 07, 2004


I don't know any up to date info; but back in the early 80s the only thing was the Dartmouth Rowing Club's facility. They did have open membership though (it was about $20 for the summer then) and I think stored some individual's boats as well as club boats. I'd contact them (I don't know how, sorry) and ask; if they don't have space they could direct you.


-- Bobbie (, June 07, 2004.

Dear Pamela,

I have no specific information on rowing near Dartmouth, but I do know of an excellent source for information of that type. Contact The Rower's Almanac. This annual publication contains a wealth of info for the travelling rower and lists clubs and facilities all around the world. You can contact them at or phone 301 520 8066. Good luck.



-- Andre de Bardelaben (, June 08, 2004.

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