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Hello, My name is Donna from R.I. I am looking to open a coffeehouse/ cafe. I will be serving breakfast and lunch,and of course magical coffee and enchanting pastry! I am looking to set the bar here in RI. I am looking for a serious private investor/ partner to help with the capital needed to acomplish my business.I am looking to incorporate feng shui into the design. I have colaborated with some of the best holistic teachers to help plan fun events to promote my business, including but not limited to- monthly tea readings, Sunday morning medidation followed by breakfast in the cafe, drumming circle- class thru Brown University-Ashamu Theater, guest speakers and so on. I will also be adding some great VEGAN pastry and alternatives to the menu. This ECLECTIC mix is my passion. I have run a cafe here for over 4 yrs.I am also a bartender and pastry chef!I am very excited, and have great community support! Thank you for your time.

-- Donna Cesario-Joaquim (, June 06, 2004


Donna, While not an investor I can supply you with great espresso and great coffee. I can supply coffee to your specifications and place it under your label. My roaster has been in business for 35 years and sells 3.5 million pounds of coffee. This offer enable you to provide the world's best coffee(s) under your brand!

Let me know if you are interested. Mark

-- Mark Kiley (, February 04, 2005.

Hi Donna, If you really need a loan contact Scot @, the guy loans people money to start business but he will take over the business if you do not pay, just send in an application to his box else he will dellete all mails. JS

-- James Scotti (, March 12, 2005.

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