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I'm working for a project whereas the client is requesting to provide the full technical comparison between the gearless and geared machines, so would you please help me to provide such information in order to win this project. BR/Qureshi

-- Qureshi (, June 04, 2004


Contact Hollister-Whitney. The are an independant maker that amy be able to supply you with the info you need.

-- Ken Eyler (, June 04, 2004.

Also contact KONE they have sold more than 100,000 jobs worldwide with a machine that is a mini gearless. You can choose to have the machine in the hoistway with no machine room or machine room and you can put 2 machines in the same space of other companies 1 machine room layout. They make many models of machines in many speed ranges. Look on the web

-- Jim (, June 07, 2004.

Actually Jim, all of the majors have that system now. ThyssenKrupp, Otis, Kone all have the machine-roomless traction elevator system. What has not been said is that it requires a hoistway sized differently than your standard hydro or traction (ThyssenKrupp has the smallest hoistway changes while Otis was the first to market it). The machine fits to the bottom-side or top of the hoistway. Also, you should check with your local inspectors to see if they have approved the new system or not. I know for a fact that several people have been burned recently by selling the machine-roomless elevator and finding they're not allowed to install it.

-- Chris (, June 07, 2004.

Yes other companies do market a product and have they gone through the inspection acceptance process with all the local inspection athorities. I have seen TK kevlar rope design,I have cut through a piece of the rope with my leatherman. Otis belt design, Schindler blue traveler cable hoist rope design and in China I have even seen a geerless machine installed in the pit,overhead,and even the crosshead. Kone even has a new design with no counterweigh that uses a bigger cab per hoistway. In my opinion and most consultants agree if you want a proven system and real elevator and real hoist ropes that (I can open the phone book up and order hoist ropes from a dozen vendors) and if it was my building and my money choose KONE.

-- Jim (, June 09, 2004.

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