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What do you think of these controlers, why are they called 9000 when the main control is the TC3200??. Do you need the MAP tool for car calls and is this tool only programed for the specific job. Do you need the NP-PPu tool also and how about the EZ-Scan tool.What tools are needed and how is the tech support compared to Motion Control in sacramento.

-- Jim (, June 04, 2004


Simply the worst, nuff said. Modern equivalent of Westinghouse world class. If you want a good control, try Elevator controls (EC) in Sacremento or Minnesota controls. We've used both, and Tech. support is excellent with both, even better then Motion.

-- Dave Moore (, June 04, 2004.

Jim I find someone who is quick to condemm a piece of equipment is more than likely unfamilar with the equipent, as far as the 9000 goes I have not had the opportunity to work with it yet, however I have worked with the 3200 and after getting through the initial set up, I find that this unit is not bad. I know one of our guys installed one 4 years ago and you can count on one hand the number of call backs. When you set your drive patameter DCN to 4 and start using the direct flight control as your speed reference you will find things start to come in to place.

-- Don (, November 07, 2004.

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