Early Norris Locos

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Hi All; I am wondering if any of you learned railfans can shed any more light on these Norris locomotives of early years. It would be nice to know exactly the type, and any specs that have come to light. Central Railroad & Banking Co (Georgia) /50 Louisiana 5 -4- 13x24 54 /52 Milledgeville -4- ?x? 60 /52 Waynesboro -4- ?x? 60 /52 Texas -4- ?x? 54 /54 Arkansas -4- ?x? 54 /54 Connecticut -4- ?x? 54 /56 C T Pollard -4- ?x? 54 /56 W W Gordon -4- ?x? 54

Any help will be most appreciated, and I thank you all in advance for your time and hospitality.


Rory O'Connor

-- Rory O'Connor (rodroy@qwest.net), June 03, 2004


Hi Allen;

Thank you kindly for the new information on those Norris locomotives of The CRR&BCo. Your formatting stayed together fine, and I apologise that mine had come apart.

I agree that any numbers other than specs were probably for notes or as you say Line Numbers. Interesting too that "Texas" was on Line 41 [1853]and Line 40 [1854]. This must have been due to withdrawal of "Tennessee"[1st], and introduction of "Tennessee" [2nd].

It is good to see that the Norris engines were all 4-4-0s as I only knew they were 'four coupled' thus the -4- in my list.



-- Rory O'Connor (rodroy@qwest.net), June 04, 2004.


The book "Central of Georgia Railway and Connecting Lines" by Richard Prince (out of print and difficult to find) is the standard reference for Central of Georgia (and predecessor Central Rail Road & Banking Company) steam locomotives. I've used information from that book and from Central RR & Banking Company annual reports to fill some missing information in your list.

(Hopefully, the formatting will remain intact in this message!)

Louisiana (1st) 4-4-0 blt. 1850 13x24 54" Sold to Atlantic & Gulf in 1865

Milledgeville (1st) 4-4-0 blt. 1852 ??x?? 60" Sold to Charleston & South Carolina in 1863

Waynesboro 4-4-0 blt. 1852 ??x?? 60" Rebuilt in 1869, sold in 1881

Texas 4-4-0 blt. 1852 13x24 54" Became Central RR No. 2 (1st) in 1884, sold in 1886

Arkansas 4-4-0 blt. 1854 ??x?? 54" Out of service by 1883

Connecticut (1st) 4-4-0 blt. 1854 ??x?? 54" Sold to Donovan & Perkins in 1882

C T Pollard 4-4-0 blt. 1856 ??x?? 54" Sold to East Tenn & Georgia RR in 1862

W W Gordon (2nd) 4-4-0 blt. 1856 ??x?? 54" Sold during Civil War to East Tenn & Georgia RR

The numbers that you included in your list were not road numbers, but were merely line numbers from the particular list(s) that you have. For instance, the 1853 Annual Report has the Texas listed on line 41, while 1854 lists it on line 40, and 1856 lists it on line 38. Road numbers weren't used on Central Rail Road locomotives until the mid- 1880s.

Allen Tuten

-- Allen Tuten (allen@cofg.org), June 03, 2004.

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