what the hell happened to this site?

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All I can say is, what in blue blazes happened here? I leave for a year, and you people turn this place into a haven for teen angst-ridden coffee drinkers! Dear lord, what happened to all the good people? Where's Rita, and Tator tots, and KC, and all the rest of you? I miss you guys; you made this place sane!

-- tamara (twilborn@earthlink.net), June 02, 2004


And another thing, exactly how many of you actually post here? Three? Four on a good day? Also, stop bitching at each other. It's really fucking irritating. You kids are supposed to be banding together for the good of the cause and all that.

-- tamara (twilborn@earthlink.net), June 02, 2004.

Hello Tamera! Most of those guys left some time ago and Okie Dan gave me the forum after it was abandoned to use with my website. Not many post here, and recently, the only postings have been by trolls with nothing better to do.

Tator is now head mod at Anarchy 2, along with KC.

-- Wes K (wkinsler@wkinsler.com), June 02, 2004.

Hi Tamara! We missed you around here. As Wes told you, we have a troll running around loose posting racist spam and pornograpic pictures under other peoples' names and E-mail addies. He's done this sort of thing in other boards regardless of the boards' subjects. This sicko doesn't have a life and has made many enemies in most of the boards. Just about everyone is ready to have this racist pervert brought up on charges for the stuff he's doing.

-- Garret Ford (Parallax281457689@Yahoo.com), June 03, 2004.

Rita ? sane ? com on now. Anyway i think she/he has gone away to have a reverse sex change. problem is no ones really sure which she was first (even her/him) so its gonna be some kinda crossover mess or something. anywa hi.

-- (bob@stuff.bob), June 03, 2004.

WTF? Most of those posts were signed 'Garret Ford'.

-- G yhr (gwerner@kewl.com), June 06, 2004.

The poser used MY name and E-mail addy for impersonation purposes IE, posting racist trash and posting porn under other peoples' names like the spamming coward it really is.

-- Garret Ford (Parallax281457689@Yahoo.com), June 07, 2004.

Ok OK here goes. You all caught me. I am ooga the oracle and others! I officially am coming out to you all I Am GAY. I was molested by a black man when I was 5 1/2 I tried to suppress my feelings of anger mixed with lust by posting the stupid fucked up shit I have been posting but it did no good. I can no longer hide the truth from myself or others. Deep down, the truth is I'm a racist faggot & I'm lovin' it!

-- ooga (ooga@ooga.com), June 07, 2004.

I feel your pain...some people just want to ruin it for others...sad life really...

-- I.M. Chronic (happy@life.com), June 17, 2004.

Was this forum ever worth a shit to begin with? I'm sorry if I walked in on your circle stroke.

-- Fuck You Stupid (nigger@yahoogroups.com), August 08, 2004.

Isn't Garret ford the subway sandwich guy??? Anyways seems to me that dude is the ONLY one having problems with all the supposed troll enemies out there. All just him posing & expecting sympathy from others I suspect

-- NoKanDo-FU (say@msn.com), August 10, 2004.

And you don't know anything. Moron.

-- (ur@morn.com), August 11, 2004.

What cause? How can Anarchists ban togeather how does that resemble anarchy?

-- FACISTCARTER (Pike159@aol.com), August 13, 2004.

By NOT listening to a doped-up bigoted dork like you. And by thinking outside the box and thinking for themselves. Fascism is a dead cause. Bury it and move on.

-- (HateandFlameIs@Dead Horse.com), August 14, 2004.

In what way is National Socialism dead?

-- CARTER (Pike159@aol.com), August 14, 2004.

In EVERY way. Only fanatics try to keep a sick, evil ideology like fascism alive. All you've shown is why facism will never work. Bigotry and hatred is and always will be your downfall.

-- (Bigotry@Sucks.com), August 16, 2004.

Please tell me how there is racism involved? In what way is the statement "every race has its own nature" wrong? Do you think that looking back at how history and Kultur has come along that every race is exactly the same? Consider the difference between Japanese and British Kultur. What is similar? If all races where 100% the same how come EuroAsia is so diverse? In what way is Chinese kultur the same as Souther African kultur? Please name one 100% black civilization that equals to rome. Please give am an example of a current African nation that is sucessful. Refer to south africa and the aparthies and now its current stance in the world.

-- lt. Alexander (M4socom@aol.com), August 17, 2004.

Anonymity + Internet Connection/Opinions = Instant Asshole.

-- Explosive Diorama (blazes@here.com), September 22, 2004.

I have not read his other posts, so i don't know his agenda but lt Alexander speaks rationally.

-- (..@..com), November 11, 2004.

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